The CIP Virgen del Camino is a public Vocational Training Center dependent on the Government of Navarra, in which throughout its history several generations of professionals from all over Navarra have been trained.

There are several factors that make the Center a reference for future students when starting vocational training studies.

The educational offer that the Center offers has the spirit of being the reflection of an industry in constant expansion, as well as being able to train those members who are going to join the working world so that they have the techniques, ideas, knowledge and attitudes necessary to achieve a competitive Navarre industrial fabric.

The educational resources provided by the Department of Education make the CIP Virgen del Camino, a Center where our students develop skills handling techniques, resources and tools in line with those used in Navarre Industry.

The resources contributed to the CIP Virgen del Camino by different companies are clear exponents of an industry involved in the training of students that in the not too distant future, will occupy positions of responsibility in them.

The accomplishment of practices in the companies of the involved sectors thanks to the agreements of formation, do that our alumnado have knowledge of the labor world before finished the Vocational Training, and are referent of the attitudes, skills and knowledge acquired during the period of formation so that the training programs can be adapted to the training needs of the companies.

The continuous work of the components of the Didactic and Professional Departments of the Center, the level of training of its members, the relationship with companies in the sector, the concern to know the training needs and the latest trends and technologies that the different industrial sectors are introducing in their companies, they make the members of CIP Virgen del Camino maintain the concern to adapt their knowledge so that they can have an impact on the improvement of Vocational Training.